Ultimate Spreadsheet, Dashboard, and Chart Template Super Pack for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry
Originally published: 06/02/2020 14:34
Last version published: 12/02/2020 13:39
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Ultimate Spreadsheet, Dashboard, and Chart Template Super Pack for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry

Super Pack of Excel Templates for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry.

* Save Hours of Spreadsheet Design
* Bring $$$ to the Bottom Line Through Improved Analytics
* Improve Management Team Insight
* Enhance Management Team Excel Skills
* Improve Owner Relations by Providing Improved Analysis with Faster Responses

The Ultimate Collection of Excel Spreadsheets, Dashboards and Charts include templates for:

Accounting Closing Task Calendar
Actual to Forecast Line Transition Chart
AR Analysis Dashboard
Balanced Scorecard
Booking Potential Forecast
Break-Even Analysis
Capital Expenditure
Cascading Forecast
Cash Flow Dashboard
Chart of Accounts Scroll Bar
Chart Within a Chart Grouped by Quarter
Cost Containment Template
Departmental Performance Dashboard
Depreciation Schedule Template
Direct Expense Checkbook
Excel Formula and Functions Workbook
Guest Issue Frequency Chart
Guest Issue Rankings Chart
Guest Satisfaction Ratings in Bandwidth
Human Resources Dashboard
Interactive Daily Revenue Report
Inventory Valuation and Reorder Guide
Key Performance Indicators Interactive by Month
Key Performance Indicators Top Bottom Dashboard
KPI Dashboard
Labor Scheduling Template
Left Right Comparative Chart
Live Updates Currency Converter
Maintenance/I.T./Accounting Issue Tracker
Market Penetration Map
Monthly Cycle Trend Chart
Percentage Change Column Chart
Performance by Day of the Week
Premium Budget Template
Project Planner
Recipe Costing Template
Restaurant Cover Forecaster
Risk Management Template
Sales Achievement Report
Sales Funnel Report Full Year
Salesperson/Team Performance Dashboard
Savings by Cutting Expenses Template
Schedule of Pre-Paids
Seasonality Forecaster
Social Media Dashboard
Supplier Competitive Bid Worksheet
Tip Reporting Control Worksheet
Top & Bottom 10 KPI Dashboard
7 Year Interactive Trend Chart
Triple Mini Chart
Variance Graphs

This template collection will prove invaluable in providing analytics, team awareness, internal control, departmental transparency, cost control and revenue generation.

This Best Practice includes
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