Basic Profit Excel Calculator
Originally published: 07/12/2019 13:02
Last version published: 19/08/2020 11:02
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Basic Profit Excel Calculator

This is a simple profit calculator for your start-up or business.

This is a simple profit calculator for your start-up or business. This will also help you see the impact of different sales level on your company's profitability. It also calculates the months required to break-even for the investments that you have made/will make in your business.

The calculator is in the form of an Excel file. It has clear instructions about what values need to be input to get the profitability. It also has basic tips to make the calculator easy to use.

This is a handy tool for any business, when you wish to make quick profit calculations. It is good to quickly estimate profits for a new business venture or a new product. Your business may be a digital business or a physical business. You may be selling your products or services on a subscription/rental basis or charging a one-time price. The tool works in all situations. A simple tool is often what you need when planning your business and making if the financials make sense.

The calculator also provides a visual for the costs and revenues, so that you know instantly the expected performance of your business. The excel template can be easily edited, should you need to do so.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel File with 2 usable tabs and 1 instruction tab

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Further information

Quickly estimate profitability of a business

Product or Service; Digital or Physical Products; Start-up or established business; Small or Medium business

More than 3 products or SKUs or pricing structures
Complex cost structure (one that includes semi-variable costs as well)
Large Business

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