Creating Winning Proposals: Golden Rules and Killer Questions
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Originally published: 13/11/2020 16:07
Publication number: ELQ-73714-1
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Creating Winning Proposals: Golden Rules and Killer Questions

5x golden rules to follow and 5x killer questions to answer to create winning proposals

In our experience across different consultancies, we've seen the good, bad (and sometimes ugly) ways in which consultancies and agencies create winning proposals.

Despite the many ways in which proposals are created, a review of those winning proposals reveals underlying commonalities, both in the approach undertaken and the ability to ask and address the right questions.

This short deck captures the essence of what we've learned first hand over the last 10+ years, with the hope that these can offer you guidance and value in the proposal you create yourselves.

There are 3 simple sections:
1. Golden rules - the 5 golden rules we always follow when developing proposals. We've experienced the hard way what happens when we don't follow these..! They're critical to a) set your strategy in the right direction b) ensure your proposal is targeted and focussed and c) captures the imagination of your client.

2. Killer questions - provocations that you must be able to answer simply, succinctly, and align on asa team in order to create a single-minded, coherent and connected proposal.

3. Tips on problem-definition - one of the critical skills that all consultants must have; the ability to frame a problem correctly. Here we provide 8 tips on how to define your client's problem correctly (i.e. it's more than just playing back what you've read and heard).

We hope you find this valuable and that it guides you to winning more proposals!

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