Loan Amortization Model
Originally published: 21/05/2020 08:33
Publication number: ELQ-82776-1
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Loan Amortization Model

This is an easy modelling loans and link it to your main financial forecast model.

You can change the type of loan to serial loan or term loan and put some other assumptions like tenor, interest rate, Grace period, Payment duration.

There is a section beside the loan amortization model to change it as the desired main model by ( Year / Quarter / Month ). It calculates automatically the amount of interest so you can link it to the income statement in your forecasting model and the balance of current portion of loan to link it in the current liabilities in the statement of financial position and the balance of long term portion in the long term liabilities in the statement of financial position. You should enter the same model date to match the main model.

Please be noted that the model build up to 15 years payment monthly so the total payment the model can calculate 180 instalments only.

You can copy and paste the same sheet and link it many times as the number of loans are increasing.

I hope you like it! It really saved me time to work with this model as a stand alone model or integrated with any main model. Even historical loans can be linked to financials figures should it be forecasting or historical.

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