Debt Modeling Workbook (Training)
Originally published: 07/07/2016 16:45
Last version published: 18/07/2016 09:35
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Debt Modeling Workbook (Training)

Train yourself at generating loan schedules for personal loans

This is a training program with a model solution that can be a source of inspiration for professionals:

Problematic by Modeloff: You work at a bank and have been asked to prepare a spreadsheet that can generate loan schedules for personal loans taken out by the bank’s customers.

Solution provided by ModelCitizn

Note: This model has been designed as an alternative approach/solution to the Modeloff 2014 Precise Debt Modelling Question.

This Best Practice includes
1 Debt Modeling Question & Answers pdf, 1 Debt Modeling Question Workbook Excel, 1 Debt Modeling Worked Solution Excel,

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