Real Estate - Financial Model for an Industrial Warehouse Development Project
Originally published: 29/07/2020 15:40
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Real Estate - Financial Model for an Industrial Warehouse Development Project

Case study PDF and Excel File for the Financial Model.

Enclosed are 2 files
1. The pdf file for case study along with a basic explanation for the key technical concepts used in the model.
This enables the user of the financial model to understand the context and logic upon which the model is built.

2. Excel Financial Model.
The excel comprises of 2 sheets, first is for "Inputs and Summary" and the second is the detailed monthly financial model.

This is a financial model template in excel for Real estate professionals who are looking for some intuitive guidance on building their own financial models.

The fundamental concepts of Finance as well as Real Estate are quite universal. I am sure the user will find many takeaways from the file to apply in their own work or may even readily use this template with some smart edits on custom formatting, for example, to use any other currency in place of rupee, millions in place of crores.

In India, 10 million is equal to 1 crore. Normally, money is expressed in crore terms. Wherever you see the term "Cr", note that I have divided the total number by 10^7. In case you deal in millions, you can divide your calculations by 10^6 to express in millions.

All inputs are in blue font, reference from another cell in green font and calculations in black font.

This Best Practice includes
1. Case study pdf and 2. Excel file for financial model

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Further information

Case study file is intended to provide the instructions which have been intuitively modeled out in the accompanying excel file. The financial model is built in most dynamic manner so that any change in the inputs will carry out the necessary changes in calculations and the Model summary without frequent changes required to be made in the formulas.

This template is suitable for professionals looking for application of best practice concepts as covered in the Case study file in CRE - Warehouse development project.

This template is not useful for those who are completely oblivious to the basic concepts of finance/ basics of excel/ basics of real estate.

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