Contract Template : Traditional Banking - Agreement To Finance
Originally published: 20/04/2020 12:10
Publication number: ELQ-58010-1
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Contract Template : Traditional Banking - Agreement To Finance

Commercial Contract - AGREEMENT TO FINANCE

The Need for Commercial Contracts Templates
In an increasingly complex and competitive industry, it is vital that suppliers and purchasers are fully protected against legal and commercial risks. To counter such risks, a viable solution; available as- of the shelf commercial contract templates- will provide the users with first class ready to use support. With obligations properly set out and liabilities accurately defined, the users will be in a far better position to look after their rights and interests and move forward from their marginalized positions to being active players of the economy. The Legal Service Providers can equally take benefit of these templates for their professional and business development.

The information contained in this template is meant to facilitate the businesses in documenting transactions with reference to banking transactions. I accept no responsibility and expressively disclaim any and all liabilities for any and all losses/shortfalls caused by or motivated by recommendations from the information contained within this document. Although my ambition is to provide accurate and reliable information; yet, the document is not an alternative to expert legal advice and should ideally be used in conjunction with the same. Any person using this document and or benefit from the information contained herein shall do so at his/her own risk and costs and be deemed to have accepted this disclaimer.

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