Phone, Tablet And Computer Repair Financial Model
Originally published: 20/08/2020 07:32
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Phone, Tablet And Computer Repair Financial Model

Phone, Tablet, and Computer Repair Financial Model, Perfect for Tech Repair Startup with all relevant inputs and tables.

The Cell phone and Computer Industry has experienced steady growth over the five years as the usage of smartphones, and the internet has increased. The increasing trend of costly yet fragile smartphones and tablets has boosted up the repair industry to the utmost level since 2015. However, the repair market is supported by the continued diffusion of Smartphones, Tablet, and Phones, albeit these markets are promoting market saturation and producing more reliable and durable devices which may depress the demand of repair industry services. Even though, due to the low demand of the market, you can achieve the finest place in it with the correct financial approach.

If you are considering entering in repair market, you need to have an accurate financial estimation and projection to show to potential lenders and investors. Our versatile Phone, Tablet, and Computer Repair Business financial model designed and developed by the professionals will provide you the assistance to compute the startup summary, detailed monthly and yearly profit and loss statement, and KPI to measure business performance in detail.

Based on Input and sheet and Revenue Sheet, this model will automatically calculate the further projections and estimations.

Input Sheet will be based on the assumptions which are as follow:

- Investment
- Cost of Services
- Tax rate
- Employees monthly Payroll
- Capital Expenditure
- Operating Expenses.
- Inventory Calculation

Revenue Sheet will include:

- Total No. of Website visitors
- No. of Visitors from paid ads
- No. of walk-in Stores Visitors
- Compete for revenue outlook, which may come from Repair Phone, Tablet, and Computer devices, --
Selling Accessories and tools.

This Phone, Tablet, and Computer Repair Financial Model Template consist of several Sheets which are as follow:

Input Sheet

Revenue Analysis Sheet

Startup Summary with Cost segmentation and Utilization Funds Chart

5-Years Detailed Monthly Profit and Loss Statement with monthly profitability chart.

5- Years Annually outlook of Profit and Loss Statement.

Balance Sheet Statement provides you a complete overview of the current 5- years projection of your Assets and Liabilities and Equity Accounts.

5-years Project Evaluation, which calculates Return on Investment, Investor’s Future Equity Share and Cash Burn Rate Analysis.

Break-Even Analysis Sheet with the visual representation of Break-Even Sales per year and Contribution Margin%.

Diagnostic Tools Sheet which calculates the several KPI and Ration, such as Operating Expense as % of Sales, Gross Margin Percentage, etc.

Furthermore, a Dashboard that provides you a detailed visual representation of your tech repair business’s financial performance.

Benefits of Using This Dental Practice Financial Model Excel Template:

Confidence in the future:

Using our Phone, Tablet, and Computer Repair Business Financial model, you can easily make effective plans, manage risk and cash flows, and project your prospects for the next five years.

Graphical Visualization:

In our Dental Practice Financial model, all necessary Calculations and estimation are visually represented on a dashboard. You don’t need to move sheets to compare data.

New Customers Acquisition:

Business Also invest money in advertising to acquire and retain current customers. You will have an advertising budget and a new customer cost of acquisition calculation fields in the template. This way, you will estimate newly acquired patients.

Update Easily:

You can easily update your template and forecast by simply input the data in a respected sheet anytime easily.

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