A Guide to Marketplaces: Handbook and Slides
Originally published: 28/02/2017 15:30
Last version published: 25/04/2017 15:20
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A Guide to Marketplaces: Handbook and Slides

A full guide dedicated and geared at Marketplace Startups

At Version One, we love marketplaces. By simply having a look at our portfolio, it is easy to understand how important we find marketplaces to be for the future of commerce.

This past year, much of our blog content has been focused on helping marketplace founders build their own organisations. This is given since we noticed that a lot of valuable information available for tech startups, does not deal particularly with marketplaces.

Anyone building a marketplace company is aware that marketplaces face unique complications - this includes solving the supply and demand link and monetizing when services are delivered offline.

For that reason, we have designed this handbook, "A guide to Marketplaces", which brings together a variety of insights we’ve learned from both experience with working with marketplace firms and industry analyses.

The handbook serves to break down barriers to how goods and services are bought and sold; it can guide you through the path of building supply and can help you trigger the virtuous circle of supply and demand.

This guide has been greatly successful. Given that it provides content geared at marketplace startups, it has been recognized with over 20,000 downloads alongside the https://www.eloquens.com/method/qEpFAB/marketplace-kpi-dashboard

For that reason, we have decided to put this handbook into a Guide to Marketplace Deck, where we have summarized the content into a PPT presentation, that is faster to read and serves as reference.

Feel free to have a look through both contents.

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- The Version One Team

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