Top 101 Management Consulting Frameworks
Originally published: 24/05/2022 14:51
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Top 101 Management Consulting Frameworks

Consulting frameworks provide structured approaches to analyzing and solving common business problems. Here are the top 101 frameworks used by consultants.

Business frameworks and methodologies may be a concept foreign to many business professionals, but it is one near and dear to all management consultants. As a management consultant, you will either have used many of these, or at least know what they are so you can nod in agreement when others talk about them! As the name suggests, a “framework” provides a structured approach to analyzing and solving a common business problem. It allows consultants to address a client’s business issue in an organized, thorough, and efficient manner. Likewise, frameworks are incredibly useful to any business professional, particularly C-level executives and upper management.There are hundreds of business frameworks available, and which ones are used often depends on the organization and the needs of the clients. Consulting firms dedicate significant R&D and resources in constantly pioneering new frameworks and thought leadership.At the end of each year, Flevy publishes a list of the top 101 consulting frameworks from the FlevyPro Library. Flevy is the largest online knowledge base of consulting documents, ranging from management consulting frameworks to financial models to deliverable examples.FlevyPro is a subscription service for consulting frameworks, templates, and other tools. New frameworks are added to the FlevyPro Library each week based on market trends and customer demand. Each of these framework guides is a detailed PowerPoint presentation that provides a structured approach to analyzing and overcoming a business challenge, from issues in Strategy Development to Digital Transformation to Organizational Design (OD).This whitepaper presents the Top 101 Consulting Frameworks of 2021, based on sales and downloads (as of December 2021).

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