Oil and Gas Excel FInancial Model Template
Originally published: 07/06/2021 07:12
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Oil and Gas Excel FInancial Model Template

A great Financial Model consists of all financial statements and analyses.

Oil & Gas Excel Financial Model Template presents the business case of a brand new start-up Online Shop with an upfront investment in a website, SEO, logo, copywriting. The model contains the three financial statements including the cash flows and calculates the relevant metrics (Sensitivity Analysis, Break-even Analysis, Diagnostic Tools, Project evaluation, and Charts).The financing options for the project include a standard long-term loan as well as an investment made by the investors and of course marketing sheet ( include automated inbound and outbound marketing costs sheet which also contains how many customers will achieve as a result).So a quick overview of the Financial Model, in the contents tab you can see the structure of the model and by clicking on any of the headlines to be redirected to the relevant worksheet.On the Input tab, you can feed the financial information for the model such as sales price, cost, expenses, etc. Inputs are always depicted with a Peach fill and grey letters, call up (that is direct links from other cells) are filled in grey with black letters while calculations are depicted with white fill and black characters.In the sensitivity analysis tab, you can see a high-level report with the main business scenarios. It can be printed on one page for your convenience. The tab shows how the company's profit will look in case of any uncertainty. For example, if the cost or expenses increased by 10%.Another useful tab is the break-even analysis where you can see the items needed to be sold every day and their currency value to break even.Calculations: This is where all calculations are performed. The revenues are calculated based on the product or services sold, promotion, pricing, promotions, and marketing campaign, and deducting the business variable and fixed costs the operating profit is resulting. Based on the assets financed and the gearing of the financing the interest and depreciation are calculated. With the help of working capital assumptions, we have measured the impact on business cycles. In the last, depending on the level of the investment considered the relevant debt financing is calculated.In the PnL Monthly tab: everything is aggregated here into the relevant statements: profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow every month.Moving to the Project Valuation tab, a company valuation is performed by using the free cash flows with discount rates to the firm and then a series of investment metrics are presented (IRR, NPV, ROE).In the Dashboard tab: Various graphs present the revenues, cash analysis, break-even analysis, sensitivity, assets vs liabilities, startup summary, etc.Key Inputs of Oil & Gas Excel Financial Model:1. The growth rate Price and Expense.2. Various Bouqerts with prices and segmentation of revenue.3. Marketing Budget Sheet (which measures how many customers we get from marketing).4. Revenue Assumptions5. Average Payable and Receivable days your business is following.6. Cost of Goods.7. Fixed Asset and Capital Expenditure.8. Tax Rate9. Investment table10. Loan tableMore About Financial Modelling:Getting Confused?Contact our expert if you are confused about buying our template. The experts can provide you a 15 min DEMO of the financial model which will include. - How to use the model- What are Key Inputs - Will this work with your business model Need Changes You can pay a few extra dollars to include your desired changes in the financial model template. Book a meeting with our consultant today. Consultation If you are not sure about the numbers, you can hire us as your consultants. We have a pool of Financial Experts who could advise numbers like growth rate, first-year operational expenses, employee headcount, sales capacity, etc.

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