User Friendly 5 Year Scenario Model -  with 3 Scenarios and All 3 Financial Statements
Originally published: 28/06/2018 07:59
Publication number: ELQ-95164-1
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User Friendly 5 Year Scenario Model - with 3 Scenarios and All 3 Financial Statements

5 year scenario model that allows for high,medium and low scenarios and creates 3 financial statements + all ratios

-Flexible corporate model that creates 5 year financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement)
-Easily toggle between high, medium and low scenarios using a drop-down button
-Includes debt refinancing and interest assumptions each year
-Includes share issues, price earnings ratios and EPS in each year
-Capital expenditure can be varied in each option
-Profit ratios can be changed in each scenario
-Working capital assumptions can be altered in each scenario
-Easy to use - not overly complex, but has still provides enough detail
-Robust : Error checking is built in and look-ups and name ranges are used to avoid calculation errors

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel model, 1 video

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Further information

Enable users to model and value a company over 5 years, easily switching between High, Medium and Low scenarios

Best suited for analysis of listed trading companies where the gross margin, selling and operating ratios/costs can be fairly accurately predicted (wholesalers, manufacturers, import-export, retailers, e-commerce etc)

Not suitable for valuing insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions.


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