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Go To Market Strategies

This presentation and video compiles an overall tactical and strategic framework for your 'Go To Market' strategy.

In this tool, Michael Skok presents the fundamentals of setting up a 'Go To Market' strategy for your startup. It is strongly recommended that you view this lecture alongside your business model. This is because it's really important to work through the Life Cycle Value and the Customer Acquisition and Retention Cost to work out if you have build a profitable and consistent 'go to market' strategy as part of your business model.

This presentation aims to bring together a framework of what the various different elements are of building a 'go to market' strategy. A framework is not the answers, and nor is it the detail of everything you might to do build a 'go to market' strategy, but this presentation rather shares some frameworks to think about the things that might be worth challenging yourself to plan ahead of time to deal with as a startup. So, in the 'go to market' space, it's a pretty big framework, and a pretty big part of the execution for most startups. This is a framework that's mostly based around Michael Skok's own experience of B2B and mostly in software, but case studies are available in other sectors on Startup Secret's website.

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