The Progress Board
Originally published: 25/10/2017 18:11
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The Progress Board

Designed to track progress post idea- testing and insight- gathering.


Ideally, the process from idea conception to explicit action would be linear. However it has 4 different stages which more often than not, fail to follow a structured order. (Prototyping idea -> Noting key theories -> Experimentation -> Insight & Action)

You will probably carry out this process several times until it's feasible to conclude that the most essential hypothesis that underlies your business idea is valid.

In this search for the right business model and value propositions, you will perform the following steps outlined in the list and slide deck many, many times:

To facilitate management of the above process, this tool has been created. It tracks your previous hypotheses to help monitor progress.

How to use:
1. Outline progress metrics for project.
2. Using 1 sticky note each, stick on your most important hypotheses.
3. Using 1 card for each test, put Test Cards onto the column that says 'Backlog.'
4. Transfer a Test Card to the column that says 'Build' when you start.
5. Transfer a Test Card to the column that says 'Measure' when a test is being run
6. Transfer a Test Card to the column that says 'Learn' when a test is finished and results are ready for analyzation
7. Record what you've learnt from the test in a Learning Card
8. Start acting by moving on to the next stage, carrying out more experiments, or going back to the canvases at the beginning.

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