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10 Things To Master For JavaScript Beginners

10 key things to master to become a good web developer and JavaScript developer.

In this video Chris Hawkes outlines the 10 key things needed in order to become a good web developer and JavaScript developer.

This video tutorial is broken down into 10 fundamental questions to help you understand JavaScript and how it works.
These steps are:

- How does JavaScript work?
- How to test Javascript
- How to use Chrome to your advantage
- What is JSON?
- What is AJAX
- Where to find answers to your
- Who invented JavaScript?
- What is a JavaScript library?
- Why jQuery is still the most important
- How to start learning JavaScript?

In this way, this video offers an incredibly detailed overview of all the basics of JavaScript programming, from its creation, to its uses and how you yourself can begin to learn to program with JavaScript. These valuable lessons will set you on your way to writing your own JavaScript programs and allow you to start developing your own webpages.

The video is structured so that it is completely accessible to beginners. It gives in depth background information about how JavaScript works, what it does and its uses with JSON and AJAX before showing you how you can learn to code yourself. Therefore this video is the perfect tool for any beginner interested in JavaScript programming. This will give you the key skills and knowledge that you need to express yourself and your ideas in JavaScript programming.

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