2017 Finals: Funding Fun
Originally published: 05/07/2018 12:28
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2017 Finals: Funding Fun

Excel training/competition model from the 2017 Financial Modeling World Championships

This workbook is taken from the Finals of the 2017 Modeloff financial modeling world chamionships.

Follow the instructions in order to complete the model:

You are an analyst helping your company prepare its purchase bid for the 30-year concession of a Stateowned infrastructure asset that has been put up for sale. You have been provided the outline of a
financing model which includes 10 scenarios of Inputs, and 10 scenarios of Operating Cash Flow taken from a colleague’s forecast operations model.

For each of the Input scenarios, most assumption values have been provided, but one or two from each
scenario will need to be solved for to find the optimal value, subject to the other values provided.

The values that may need to be solved for are:
• First Debt Repayment Date
• Sculpted DSCR
• Debt Drawdown amount
• Equity Investment amount
• Required Rate of Return (also known as the Equity IRR)

Your task will be to build the necessary additions to the model so that it can identify the Optimal missing
values for the selected scenario.

Questions 1 to 20 are based on the provided input scenarios.
Questions 21 to 23 may require you to change some of the existing user-variable input values from certain
scenarios in order to answer.

Allotted time: 80 minutes

Once finished, feel free to upload your model to your own dedicated author channel!

This Best Practice includes
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