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How to Use A.I. For Your Marketing & Growth Strategy: The First Steps

Growth Tribe walks you through the first steps of using A.I. for your marketing and growth.

Growth Tribe trains professionals in their first steps with artificial intelligence for growth and marketing. This video runs through the initial steps of implementing A.I. and machine learning into your strategy.

The video describes how similarly to the industrial revolution increasing 1 horse to 450 horses, A.I. and machine learning are increasing 1 brain to thousands of brains that are working together with us to answer important questions.

Artificial Intelligence is actually able to come up with answers for your growth and business.

-How likely is it that the person on my website currently will sign up or buy something?

-This year, how much is this customer likely to buy?

-Which customers will stop using our product?

-We should segment our customers according to which characteristics?

-What personality traits do our customers have?

ML and A.I. are able to help you answer all of these questions, however the applications vary in maturity.

This is why Growth Tribe have mapped out the maturity of each application within the context of the marketing and growth world.

At the end of the video, Growth Tribe advises on what you must have, what you should have, and what you could have...

Length: 5 minutes 2 seconds

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