BXL Org Chart Add-in
Originally published: 06/07/2021 12:09
Last version published: 15/03/2022 16:37
Publication number: ELQ-21532-2
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BXL Org Chart Add-in

Create beautiful organization charts from Excel data in seconds.

Create beautiful organization charts from Excel data in seconds. And when people change, update the chart with the click of a mouse.

* Use your data - Enter, import, or upload data into Excel as a table.
* Use your layout - There are no restrictions as to column headings, order, or how much data in each record
* Choose what you want displayed - Add whatever data from your table you want displayed in employee cards. Add as many lines as you like
* Use your corporate branding - Add colors from your corporate pallet. Works great with BXL Format add-in
* Refresh when things change - When new employees come on board or others leave the company, just load the data and refresh the chart. Simple!

This is the second edition of Beyond Excel’s Org Chart add-in. What started back in 2014 as the first (that I know of) org chart add-in for Excel that works with your data is now better than ever with a host of formatting features.

Recently, other org chart add-ins have emerged. One is from Microsoft. But Beyond Excel’s ability to work with your data as it comes from your systems, and its superior formatting features, clearly sets this apart from the competition. And like the original, this can also be used for assembly BOMs, Project Tasks, Program calls, and just about any data that has a parent-child relationship!

This Best Practice includes
1 Zip file containing the Add-in (BXL Org Chart.xlam) a lab materials for instructions (Emloyees.xls) and a skin format

Acquire business license for $9.50

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Further information

Create beautiful org charts from data in Excel

Windows 10, Excel 2013 and later

Not for MAC, Not for Excel Versions older than 2013

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