Overall Business Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 06/03/2018 15:42
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Overall Business Excel Financial Model

This financial model will give you a broad yet detailed overview of your business' financial performance.

This is an incredibly useful and detailed tool for modelling the financial performance of your business. This tool will help you to analyse and monitor your business' financial performance, as well as forecasting potential growth.

The first two tabs of this tool, the "assumptions" and "DETAIL worksheet" can be used to input your business' financial data.

The "assumptions" tab will allow you to document the sales made by your business, the price of the product sold, and the cost of goods sold. Furthermore, it will allow you to fill in the balance sheet data based on accounts receivable, accounts payable etc. In this tab you will also be able to document various expenses that may apply to your business such as personnel, equipment purchases, utilities expenses, maintenance expenses etc.

The DETAIL tab is broken down into 12 different sections, which are: Receipts & Disbursements, Statement of Sources & Uses, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Sales Projections & Margin Analysis, Staffing Plan, Salaries Paid, Capital Purchases, Depreciation, Manufacturing & Inventory, Rent & Taxes and Financing Activities. As such, this tool gives you the opportunity to input a lot of financial data, with which a detailed and thorough analysis of your business' financial performance can be done. This tab will leave no stone unturned in gathering the data required to develop an incredibly in depth analysis of your business' finances.

These two tabs will allow you to input all of your business' financial data. This data is collated in the "Summary Statements" tab, which compiles all of the information into an Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Sources & Uses. This will give you the opportunity to analyse your business' net income, liabilities, equity and cash.

Furthermore, this tool will create charts to simplify this incredibly detailed analysis. First, it will create a revenue growth chart to forecast your business' revenue growth. A Breakeven chart is also created so that you can view your business' cash flow breakeven point.

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