Business Review Meeting
Originally published: 04/01/2021 10:11
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Business Review Meeting

The purpose of the business review is to monitor business performance, create solutions to make more money, and provide

General overview
The temple is a Business Review Meeting to be held monthly or quarterly.
A business review meeting is a specific type of recurring meeting that is held to discuss individual or team scorecards and progress toward objectives. During the business review meeting, teams apply problem-solving tools to issues that are impacting their performance

The template includes Agenda for the meeting, meeting minutes and financial presentation to discuss the
Overall Financial performance, the customers and cash collection issues, sales and sales team challenges,
Expenses and capital expenditure

For power point presentation the user can copy from excel and past to into ppt slide

What is the purpose of a business review?
The purpose of the business review is to monitor business performance, create solutions to make more money, and provide guidance for leadership via communication with, and for, your team

Key inputs in the green tabs
Fill the green cells in all sheets
Update the general information in "Agenda" sheet from row 9 to 13 under column B to F
Updates the meeting minutes at the end of the meeting in the "Agenda" sheet under column G
Update the narrative in the "Narrative" sheet to be discussed during the presentation

Meeting minutes

The financial part of the meeting to be discussed includes:
Sales by product
Sales by category
P&L comparison
OPEX comparison
Aging receivables
Aging inventory
CAPEX comparison
Gross/Net receivables
Gross/Net inventory

Conclusion and customization
Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user
This file is fully customizable model, Select the first hidden row or column on the worksheet, right click and click unhide
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This Best Practice includes
Excel Template

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Further information

To allow the user to manage business review meeting


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