Service Provider APP (Uber-like) Business & Financial Model 10 years
Originally published: 09/05/2022 09:45
Publication number: ELQ-59417-1
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Service Provider APP (Uber-like) Business & Financial Model 10 years

This is an easily-scalable 10 year projection Service Providers APP business model

This Financial & Business Model is specific to the Service Delivery Applications (Uber-like) for all services to your door. The model also provides you with a brief outline of the Flow of the App but more importantly will provide you with an accurate Business Financial Model over 10 years. Forget about Burn and Churn rates, this is a business than can be scaled easily, and it is all about providing services (uber-like) to the market. The typical types of services you would load into your App are (Tutors, Catering Services, Baby-sitters, and essential types of services would typically be electrician, plumber, locksmith, handyman etc) The Financial Model is easy to follow with just basic input fields and the automated Three Statement analysis over a 10 year period. You would typically identify a dense city/town and recruit service providers before releasing your app to the market. We all know the trend with regard to "Services to your Door" and this Business Model is easy to understand. A) Develop the App or purchase a White label equivalent of which there are plenty. B) Decide on the Services that you wish to offer the market. C) Recruit the Services Providers in sufficient numbers so that you are able to comfortably satisfy the demand. D) Release the App to the market and promote all these convenient and essential services that are available. The Financial Model requires that you select a subscription amount that you would charge Service providers, and also a (%) amount of their call-out fee. You may choose either or both. Once you have the App, you are able to scale the Model into any area or territory that you may wish to operate. You have a Business Plan Template that imports certain Financial data so as to make your Financial Model and forecast a complete package. Dashboard for convenience as well as a short guide on the most important features you should consider for your APP. You will only have to complete the BLUE Cells in the Input sheet and then you may choose to complete the written business plan template. All formulas are automated for your convenience, and easy to follow.

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This Business & Financial Three Statement Model will take you through the essential elements of starting a Service Providers App which is highly scalable and profitable.

This Business Model is focused on an Application type Business

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