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Future of Finance (FOF) Course

A 4 Part Course on the Future of Finance and where it is headed.

Outline of Course:

Part 1: We discuss the results of the live poll that was conducted in the session in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Part 2: In this session we take stock of where we are now and look back to get an understanding of where we are heading.
Part 3: We discuss some priorities for change and what the Finance team of the future contains and the journey to get there.
Part 4: You will get to see live dynamic visual influencing and how it's possible today to create highly engaging presentations.

The purpose of this video series is to help many people answer some of those questions and hopefully also bring to the surface some new questions that they had not yet considered.

The future is here and the opportunities are vast, however the risks of not doing anything are equally large.

It is suggested that you go through all the series to gain the most benefit from the future of finance and what this means for your career, your team and the organisations that you work with and support.

If you need to reach our for more please do not hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn.

- Lance Rubin

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