Originally published: 24/09/2018 13:31
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Cost Volume Profit Analysis and Break Even Points

This video, by David Burrell, is an accounting tutorial on Cost Volume Profit analysis and Break Even Points.

"So we've just been hired as a manager for an airline called Jet Eye airlines, so we're just a recent hire, and of course our airlines they use jets to primarily fly all our passengers and the name is derived from red eye flights since our flights only run from late at night to early in the morning.
It's probably an awful business plan and our name is also a play on words with the term Jedi, and I'm not gonna get into the whole Star Wars versus Star Trek thing, but of course Star Wars is way better but, that's beside the point.

We're a manager now and we have orders from the top, from our board of directors, that they wanna know how one flight or 50 flights or 100 flights effects our cost. Or, how about profits, and these are all gonna be answered by the cost - volume profit analysis.

So, we're gonna take a certain amount of volume, and we're gonna see how our revenue's change, how our costs change, and how our profit changes, that's actually how they came up with this title and sometimes that's actually just called break-even point chapter because cost-volume profit analysis is entirely based around break-even points... (to access the rest of the content, please refer to the video)

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