Originally published: 26/09/2018 12:12
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Financial Modeling Time Lapse

A time-lapse of a financial model being built in Excel

Watch a 2 minute time-lapse of a financial modeling being built in Excel - All set to the sound of music. Think you're one of the best in the world at financial modeling? Register for the annual CFI Financial Modeling Competition to compete to be the best in the world and win $10,000 USD of cash prizes. The 2018 Financial Modeling Competition will be a private equity case study where participants play the role of an Associate at a private equity firm. All contestants will receive a case that contains a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) about a private business that is for sale and being marketed by an investment bank.

Participants will be required to build a financial model in Excel, value the business, and make a recommendation about whether the private equity firm should invest in the business or not, and if so, how they should structure the deal.

Focused on real-life scenarios, this online competition will challenge participants to showcase and celebrate their financial modeling and valuation skills, knowledge and excellence in the industry. Participants will take part in two online qualification rounds designed to test their technical knowledge of financial modeling.

Register today to embark on an exciting adventure! Embrace the opportunity to demonstrate your subject mastery, accumulation of hard work, and expertise across a broad range of corporate finance topics.

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