Three Statement Excel Model Template

Three-statement financial model is a type of model that forecast of future.

Original Best Practice:  Three Statement Financial Excel Model  by CFI

Three-statement financial excel model is a type of model that forecasts a company’s income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

While accounting enables us to understand a company’s historical financial statements, forecasting those financial statements enables us to explore how a company will perform under a variety of different assumptions and visualize how a company’s operating decisions investing decisions and financing decisions all interact to impact the bottom line in the future.

Three-statement models include a variety of schedules and outputs, but the core elements of a Three-statement model are, as you may have guessed, the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

A key feature of an effective model is that it is “integrated,” which simply means that the Three-statement models are modeled in a way that accurately captures the relationship and inter-linkages of the various line items across the financial statements. An integrated model is powerful because it enables the user to change an assumption in one part of the model in order to see how it impacts all other parts of the model consistently and accurately.

Model Structure:
- Assumptions & Scenarios
- Income Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow
- Other Schedule
- Chart and Graphic

The Color Scheme Rule: Color code your model so that inputs are blue and formulas are black.

Features include:
- 3 years of historical results and a 4-years forecasting
- Active Scenario
- Master Check
- Dynamically linked model
- Ratio analysis

The output of a 3-statement model serves as the foundation for several types of financial models:
- M&A

This Best Practice includes
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