Term Sheet Series A Template
Originally published: 23/10/2017 15:30
Publication number: ELQ-74227-1
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Term Sheet Series A Template

Guidance for founders negotiating Series A funding.

This document is balanced between investors and founders.

You'll find various numbers enclosed in brackets. These match up to typical criterion found regarding many problems. However you shouldn't interpret these too thoroughly, and on a case-by-case basis they should be adapted. Certain provisions are also bracketed meaning that they're not compulsory containing- a lot of the time- a small issue.

This document is a Term Sheet and not a shareholder's agreement. This is usually signed about 4 weeks before the transaction takes place by both parties so that the legal documents can be prepped.

If this document is correct, then all other documents can be written up.

This Best Practice includes
1 Term Sheet Series A; 7 page doc

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