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Facebook Messenger Marketing - What You Need to Know!

An easy-to-understand Facebook Messenger Marketing tutorial by Ben Angel that tells you all you need to know!

If you are a marketer or entrepreneur that has a Facebook page, or you are running Facebook ads or email campaigns, then this video will be an important marketing update for you to watch - not just on the Facebook marketing platform in general, but on one of the biggest changes in marketing that we have seen since the launch of email. If you have been struggling to get people to open your emails, buy your products and services, reduce your ad costs and increase your engagement on your Facebook posts, then this is an important video for you to watch.

Facebook have released something in the past few months that really no-one is utilising. It's going to give email a run for it's money and change the way we communicate with customers in a far more effective way. This is called Messenger Marketing. The power of this marketing tool is not well-known, but can quickly help to grow your business, regardless of the product or service you provide.

This video walks you through the Messenger Marketing strategy in simple and easy-to-follow terms.

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