How to Make a Pitch Deck that Sells Your Startup
Originally published: 15/02/2018 16:21
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How to Make a Pitch Deck that Sells Your Startup

Do's & Don't's plus a slide by slide breakdown of what should be included in your startup pitch deck.


There are pitch decks that people see — then five minutes later, people forget about them. Then there are captivating pitch decks that actually earn you new partners and raise money. Find out how to make a presentation with a startup pitch deck template that really sells your brand.

So what exactly is a startup pitch deck template? It’s a brief presentation that gives your audience a summary of your business plan. You’ll use it both online and during face to face meetings with customers, partners, or investors.
A startup pitch deck template is a persuasive way to present your brand. It’s made up of a dozen or so slides that explain in as few words as possible what your brand does, why, and how. It features stats and market research.

When it comes to a startup pitch deck template, there’s a proven recipe for making it work. It’s a recipe that most successful brands are following.

In this article, we’ll run you through the basics, and then we’ll focus on the details for every slide. This way, nothing about your pitch deck will be left to chance.

Here’s how to make a pitch deck that people will engage with.

  • Step n°1 |

    Startup Pitch Deck Template Slide #1 — Introduction

    Every startup pitch deck template needs a short and effective introduction. Answer two simple but important questions:

    Who are you? (Your brand)

    Why are you here?

    Keep in mind that “Why are you here?” is different from “What are you offering?” Not everything you do should appear on your startup pitch deck. Know your audience. Know their problem and the feature or service they’re interested in.

    The best way to answer the questions above is with a short slogan or call to action that also works as a summary of your business. Every startup pitch deck template needs this.

    Here’s a great example from AirBnB:

    How to Make a Pitch Deck that Sells Your Startup image
  • Step n°2 |

    Startup Pitch Deck Template Slide #2 — The Problem

    What is the problem that your startup is trying to solve? The problem needs to be painted as the enemy or “villain” of your entire pitch. Why should I care about this villain being stopped? What is the potential harm or threat that it poses to my life?

    Back to the AirBnB startup pitch deck…

    The second slide nails down the problem that most travelers are facing: Hotels leave you disconnected from the city and No easy way exists to book a room with a local or become a host.

    Your startup pitch deck template needs something similar — a clearly stated problem that becomes a hook for your audience.

    At this point, they should be asking themselves “Can this problem really be solved?”“How will this brand do it?”

    Which takes us to the next slide.

    How to Make a Pitch Deck that Sells Your Startup image
  • Step n°3 |

    Startup Pitch Deck Template Slide #3 — The Solution

    In this slide, you’re featuring a solution. You’ve identified the problem and highlighted the benefits of addressing it. Now it’s time to get to the point.

    How does your product or service solve the problem you’ve talked about earlier?Your startup pitch deck template needs a slide that presents your product or service.

    That said, resist the temptation to explain the solution in too much detail. That’s not what your startup pitch deck template is for. Prospects who want more information can be directed to your website.

    Learn from the AirBnB startup pitch deck template. The Product slide features just seven words and three screenshots of their service in action. Yet they explain in the simplest way possible how the site works.

    The goal of this slide is to woo and excite your audience to the point where they can’t wait to hear what you say next.

    How to Make a Pitch Deck that Sells Your Startup image
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