SaaS Financial Excel Model Template
Originally published: 27/02/2019 17:44
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SaaS Financial Excel Model Template

In the Excel file you will find a model of a SaaS business model.

In the Excel file you will find a model of a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. I start by modeling the number of customers, taking into account the churn rate.

Then using the 3 different pricing plans I model revenues and margins. Using the cost of acquisition we move to net margin and profit & loss statements.

In a separate sheet I also model the head office and development costs. All calculations are done for separate cohorts, so you can see how improvement in a specific period can impact the whole business. By cohort we mean here customers that were recruited in the same period.

The model will enable you to estimate the profit of the business model, LTV, payback time etc. You can also model the Cash Flow for the SaaS business using the data in the model. Churn rate can be modified for every cohort and period. In this way you can check the sensitivity of your model when it comes to improvements of churn rate or increase in the number of acquired customers. The model can be easily modified by changing the assumptions that are in blue.

The model will automatically recalculate the result for the new set of parameters.

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