BCG Matrix Excel Template
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BCG Matrix Excel Template

Simply enter values for market share, growth rate and the revenue to easily produce a BCG Matrix

Create a BCG Matrix with real data in two easy steps with this BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Matrix Excel Template!

1) Fill in the yellow input cells on your brands' market share and revenue, the market share for the largest competitor against each brand, and the annual growth rate for the market as a whole. By this stage, the data points will have automatically populated in the BCG Matrix.

2) Follow the simple instructions in this Excel template to scale the bubbles and divide the data points into the desired quadrants by moving where the axes intersect. (OPTIONAL)

The BCG Matrix is used to visually portray a firm's portfolio of projects or brands on a quadrant along relative market share (horizontal axis) and market growth rate (vertical axis). How you define each quadrant's cutoff for relative market share and market growth rate is entirely up to you. This BCG Matrix template uses the following defaults, but they can be fully customized:
- Stars: greater than 10% growth rate and greater than 50% relative market share
- Cash Cows: less than 10% growth rate but greater than 50% relative market share
- Question Marks: greater than 10% growth rate but less than 50% relative market share
- Dogs: less than 10% growth rate and less than 50% relative market share

This BCG Matrix Excel template can also be adapted for general bubble charts, where three continuous variables are plotted.

It's important to note that the BCG Matrix is a heavily simplified model. Deeper analysis into each project or brand will often be required. Despite its major limitations, the BCG Matrix can be a helpful starting point for further analysis and can be useful in presentations as a visual tool.

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