ECB foreign exchange rates Excel Model
Originally published: 04/01/2020 11:43
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ECB foreign exchange rates Excel Model

Download ECB Rates at a click of a button

This is a macro driven excel file.
What is does:
a. Downloads a file from the European Central Bank ("ECB" hereunder) website - this will have all recent foreign exchange rates (NOTE: Base Currency is EURO)
b. Extracts the information
c. Update the excel file

How it works:
One has to select the date and the currency and all the Rates of Exchange will be showing in the sheet named Rates.
The rates of exchange downloaded will be included in the sheet named ROE.

Rates of exchange are often required. Referring to ECB rates has the benefit that official rates are being used.
The file can be linked to other workbooks to enhance automation.

This should work for both 32-bit and 64-bit installations.

It has been tested on Excel 2016.
It includes the rates of exchange which the ECB deems fit. Thus, this will not include exotic currencies, rarely used currencies and crypto-currencies.
No rates are being provided on banking holidays. The tool will report the latest rate of exchange closer to the date, going bank. Example, for the 26 Dec, given it is a banking holiday, given 25th is Christmas, it will report the rate of exchange of the 24th (not of the 27th). Even though I've included this point in the Limitations section, it is not per se, but following good accounting practise.

This Best Practice includes
1 spreadsheet (.xlsm)

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Further information

Download Historic European Central Bank ("ECB") Foreigh Exchange Rates (FX) from ECB website directly to excel.



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