Free Cash Flow Valuation Excel Template
Originally published: 30/04/2019 15:22
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Free Cash Flow Valuation Excel Template

A Free Cash Flow Valuation Template to create a 5-year business plan

This Free Cash Flow Valuation Template allows you to create a business plan for a 5-year period, allowing the projection for the first two years to be done on a monthly basis. The template also allows you to estimate enterprise and equity values given certain assumptions.

The Free Cash Flow Valuation template includes the following worksheets:
->P&L (Income Statement)
->BS (Balance Sheet)
->CF (Cash Flow)
->Sales plan
->Capital Expenditures
->Use of Funds

(These are essential reporting and analysis sheets for all kinds of businesses. These sheets can be modified to meet the particular requirements of your company’s situation. Any business that does not have these fundamental elements will never have any idea of how they are really doing and will certainly not be able to get a loan or other funding)

The Free Cash Flow Valuation Template also uses the data input in the income statement and the balance sheet to create an automatically generated cash-flow statement for your company.

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