The Seven Steps for Highly Effective Employee Training and Coaching
Originally published: 27/09/2018 13:35
Last version published: 29/11/2018 09:49
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The Seven Steps for Highly Effective Employee Training and Coaching

A video and accompanying worksheet on effective employee training and coaching

"Do you need to train employees for a new skill or to perform a new task? I’ll explain the 7 steps for highly effective employee training in this video.

Hello, I’m Stephen Goldberg of Optimus Performance bringing you practical tips and ideas on leadership, team development and employee performance management in the workplace.

Training employees is an essential skill required of both leaders, managers, and also other employees – because it’s not always a manager that does the training. Sometimes, especially for new employees, you’re going to have another employee train them on specific tasks. But, if the manager or employee doesn’t know the steps to proper training then you may end up with a result that’s below what you would expect in terms of performance. In our leadership and team development training programmes, we do an exercise to teach people the steps for training. We teach them how to a fire underwriters knot using a wire. The first thing we do it hand out instructions – nobody can do it. Or few people just reading the instructions because it’s hard to follow the steps without a diagram. We then hand out a diagram on how to do it and still most people cannot do it just following the diagram. Then we demonstrate how to do it and we have each people perform it and then we correct them until everyone is able to do it..."

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