Income and Expense Tracker for Individuals, Freelancers and Small Companies
Originally published: 08/11/2019 09:27
Last version published: 16/12/2019 13:53
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Income and Expense Tracker for Individuals, Freelancers and Small Companies

Financial instrument designed to track revenues and expenses on a monthly basis, fully automated and detailed reports

A substitute for the complication of Quickbooks or other personal finance software that purports to "make your life easier", but just adds confusion with too many screens, features, and functions.

The tool is fully automated and easy to use and tailor-made as you input your categories of income, expense and type of payments based on your activities. Only 4 steps in 5 sheets and you get a full report, budget for the year accompanied by lots of charts and analysis.

The model covers 12 calendar months, 30 revenue categories, 30 expense categories , 10 types of payment / bank accounts, up to 10 Projects and 1000 items of income and expenses.

By entering data for each revenue and expense during the period, you automatically get a report tracking the income and expenses by categories and months and showing their composition as % of total.

Furthermore you can get a report of the Income and Expenses per each Project and per Bank Account.

The model has a developed functionality for budgeting revenues and expenses, and the tool produces automatic analysis, with calculation and control of the budget deviations.

In addition, you can set monthly targets for savings and an fully automated report will indicate whether the target is achieved and calculated how much you need to achieve it.

The template contains clearly-labeled input cells. All other cells are locked for calculation, labeling, or other use. This focuses the user on the Key Input they have control over.

We also provide model customization and build-out on an hourly or project basis. Please contact us via Private Message here for more information: Thanks.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Financial Model with Show Data, 1 Excel Financial instrument Clean and ready to use

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Track income and expenses, provides detailed monthly analysis for individuals, freelancers and small companies

Large companies and complex projects should source a more sophisticated solution

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