Cash Flow Statement Excel Model Template
Originally published: 14/06/2018 13:43
Publication number: ELQ-12534-1
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Cash Flow Statement Excel Model Template

Excel training model for building a cash flow statement with balance sheet and income statement.

This is an incredibly useful Excel training model for aspiring financial modelers.

Using this exercise model in tandem with the Youtube tutorials will give you the skills to go and build your own financial models and cash flow statements.

This model represents the fundamental building blocks of financial modeling. This model will train you to build:

- Income Statements
- Cash Flow Statements
- Balance Sheets

The model shows how to use inputs such as:

- Assets
- Liabilities
- Shareholder Equity
- Revenues
- Net Income
- Operating Cash

In order to construct these essential elements of the financial model. It will also provide you with the key Excel skills and shortcuts that are required to create automated calculations to make your models efficient.

As such, it covers some of the basic, key principles of financial modeling.

This is a simple and effective way of learning the basic, yet fundamental aspects of a financial model. The Youtube walkthrough makes it the perfect fit for anyone interested in getting into financial modeling.

This is a great starting point, which will give you some key skills upon which you can begin to build more advanced models.

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