Personal Brand Flowchart
Originally published: 22/04/2021 07:44
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Personal Brand Flowchart

Personal Branding Flowchart PDF to find appropriate strategies.

Looking to build your personal, professional and through leadership brand using time-tested and life-long best practices?

Jasper has created a one-page Personal Brand flowchart to guide your way through the steps and processes. Based on foundational principles from Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ), combined with personal development, strengthened by communications skills, and moderated by maturity (aka "not a jerk factor"), the Personal Branding Flowchart helps you set your course for inter-personal success and effectiveness. Also included is a Modified Plus Delta (four key questions) including what to Keep Doing; Stop Doing; Change Doing and Start Doing in your Personal Branding Journey.

You'll need a mentor or coach to help along in your journey, plus setting your goals for Marketing (once your Brand is developed and created around your expertise, authenticity and skill sets) and what additional personal development you need to accomplish.

This is a life-long learning process, based on personal awareness, feedback loops, skills development and best practices. Additional resources, bibliography, tools and assessments are available to support the Personal Branding Flowchart.

Resource tools include Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP), Executive Skill Gap analysis, Toastmasters International, EI/EQ assessments, and personal journaling. Contact Jasper by Private Message for more information.

This Best Practice includes
PDF Flowchart

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