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How To Sell Anything

Noah Kagan explains how to sell anything using 3 simple rules.

Informal video explaining how to sell anything to customers by what he calls "speaking their language." He does this by casually acting out an ideal conversation between the salesperson and the potential client.

Using his friend as an example, Noah Kagan talks through three rules that you should refer to when trying to sell. These are:

-> Listen
-> Relate
-> Transition

Firstly, it is important to LISTEN to the potential customer as they tell you the problem they are currently having.

Noah then explains how you should RELATE to the potential customer on a human level by understanding the issues they are having and the problems they would like to solve. This involves knowing what they want; their end goal.

Finally, Noah explains how you then TRANSITION to selling your product or service to your potential customer. This entails explaining how you can solve the problems they are having.

The video takes you through these steps in more detail using informal language and humour.

Length: 4 minutes 4 seconds

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