S3's Operating Model Template
Originally published: 23/09/2016 15:56
Last version published: 14/01/2017 10:38
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S3's Operating Model Template

Precise calculator for business expenses, overall cash needs and revenue model.

It is very easy for entrepreneurs to state the amount of money they need for financing their projects to carry out their business goals, but it is also very likely for these numbers to be either understated or overstated.

Though building your start up from the ground may be very hard to do, things such as the financial model are crucial to a company and the lack of an operating model in place delays diligence time as investors attempts to get a handle on the cash needs. Hence, the S3 Ventures “Operating Model Template” is a free resource that can hopefully help entrepreneurs accomplish two goals:

1. Better understand their business as well as the expenses involved to get their cash flow positive.
2. Streamline the diligence process during fundraising- saving valuable time.

S3 hopes entrepreneurs will be able to utilize this tool to get an accurate, granular view of their business expenses, revenue model, and overall cash needs of the business. The model generates Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements with very few inputs. It does not include capital expenses (or the depreciation associated with them) or inventory management.

- S3 Ventures, 2015, www.s3vc.com

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The model is more applicable to the type of companies we typically target: Enterprise License Software, SaaS businesses, and Medical Device companies

It does not include capital expenses (or the depreciation associated with them) or inventory management."

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