Smart Organizational Design
Originally published: 25/11/2021 08:48
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Smart Organizational Design

This presentation deliberates on a new approach to reorganization—the Smart Organizational Design—the principles that govern the new approach.

Business environment has transformed drastically and has become immensely challenging due to competition, disruptive technologies, laws, and globalization. These challenges warrant better performance to address customer needs and to survive--and outpace--intense competition.

Consequently, organizations have become more complex. The work that individuals perform in an organization has also shifted from manual labor and clerical work to knowledge-based experiential work. Traditional workforce was required to adhere to commands and stick to routines. The workforce, today, is more empowered and innovative.

In order to stay competitive or beat the rivals, Transformation and Change programs are constantly underway in organizations across the globe. However, a large percentage of these programs fail to achieve the desired outcomes. One of the main factor attributed to this failure is utilizing traditional approaches to reorganization, which have become archaic and ineffective in this Digital Age.

This presentation deliberates on a new approach to reorganization--the Smart Organizational Design--the principles that govern the new approach, and provides a comprehensive overview of the 3 steps that are critical to implement the new approach:

1. Purpose: Define Why Reorganization Is Necessary
2. Design Elements: Determine the Behaviors Critical to Support Reorganization
3. Execution: How to Execute the Smart Organizational Design

The presentation then reflects on the Critical Success Factors mandatory to significantly improve the odds of a reorganization initiative.

The slide deck also includes some slide templates for you to use in your own business presentations.

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