Online Art Store Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 07/12/2020 09:04
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Online Art Store Excel Financial Model

Online Art Store Excel Financial Model is an ideal template for your online store business with all relevant tools.

The Oak Business Consultant Online Art Store Excel Financial Model is highly dynamic and exceptionally adaptable, including all important financial calculations and valuation charts to fulfill business reporting needs and enable the user to make informed business decisions.

Firstly, with this specific Online Art Store excel financial model, you can build a financial plan. Further, you will determine the volume of initial capital investments and working capital requirements needed to finance the project. Therefore, it would be much easier to forecast monthly sales and expenses. Moreover, you can make a 5-year financial projection of your online art supplies store.

Oak Business Consultant Online Art Store Financial Model is handy for startup plans, and current existed businesses. It has a built-in revenue forecast that is based on an advertising budget. Therefore, the customer visits growth rate on your site depends on the linear and seasonal trends. However, like other e-commerce financial models, it also requires financial insights calculations and accounts of reliable and accurate reporting. This Financial Model includes all major types of 60-month period 3-statements financial reports and KPIs reports, as well as additional valuation and Key metrics calculations. This excel template specifically useful for negotiation with investors and operational management. You can adjust the input assumptions independently; then, our template will do all the calculations automatically.

Key Inputs of Online Art Products Excel Financial Model

- Advertising Budget– Input is linked to Sales; the more you spend on the advertisement, the more sales
you’ll generate.
- The growth rate of Visitors- at what rate your visitors are coming to your website.
- Rate of Refund – at what rate customers return your sold products.
- Percentage of Converted Repeat Customers – At what percentage of new total customers come to
your website repeatedly.
- Average Payable and Receivable days your business is following.
- Cost of Good Sold Percentage of each Product.
- Inventory Days
- Average Price of each product.
- Tax Rate

Key Features of the Online Art Store Excel Financial Model

- Input Sheet: This sheet linked with all related financial statements; make a change to this
the sheet will impact the result of all financial automatically
- Startup Summary Plan: This sheet provides you and your investors an analysis of all the capital
investment requirements and summary of expenses that incurred while establishing your business
- 5 years detailed Monthly and Yearly Income Statement
- 5 years detailed Balance Sheet Statement
- 5 years details Cash Flow Analysis
- Detailed KPIs – Full KPIs with dashboards.
- Dashboards – The Online Toy Store Excel financial model contains dashboards and
visuals that enable users to understand the complete financial positions of the company quickly.
- Diagnostic Tools – This Diagnostic sheet automatically calculates the data such as the Profitability
ratio, Net operating expense ratio to expense, etc.,
- Break-Even Analysis Summary
- Project Evaluation Sheet – Calculates the company's valuation and IRR

Why Should you Buy This Financial Model?

Consistency and Formatting -This Financial model presented the information in a consistent and well-formatted way, which keeps the financial model’s visual element clean and easy to follow. Also, Names, formulas, and formats are following a consistent convention with a similar color theme.

Structured Features — All information in the model is linked with each another in a structured format, so the change of the single value will impact all relevant sheets automatically in an organized format.

Reduce Financial Risk — This Financial model helps your businesses to mitigate financial risks by following up the fact that if you do this, then this would happen. With this model, you can know the impact of marketing campaigns, and the cost of entering a market, price variations on the business, and much more.

Tested — The Financial Models are customed made and have been used by various companies with positive feedback. Hence, it’s a proven solution for all your online art store business financial and operating reporting needs.

Visually Engaging — This financial model provides you a dynamic dashboard and data visualization tools that are handy and provide a clear depiction of your company’s financial health and performance.

Support Your Business Decisions — A well-crafted financial model is a key management tool that you can use to make calculated business decisions. The financial model’s output will be used for decision-making and provide a “what if” scenario to manage the operational task.

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