Real Estate Financial Model (Very Detailed)
Originally published: 25/06/2020 12:23
Publication number: ELQ-74756-1
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Real Estate Financial Model (Very Detailed)

Real Estate Financial Model for real estate investment professionals in fields like RE Private Equity, RE Valuation, etc

1. A working quarterly/annual real estate financial model for projecting project cash flows in residential and commercial sector (both).
2. Various phasing structures are included for timelines of construction, sales and collection in cases like affordable, mid-range, luxury projects. Manual mode also included.
3. The model can be used to arrive at valuation of the project based on cash flows at a pre-determined discount rate. Moreover, in case of fresh purchase of land or pre-determined valuation of land, it can help in calculating the project IRR.
4. A separate area calculations sheet available.
5. Detailed dashboard also available along with key info tab which presents all the relevant highlights of the project.
6. Funding schedules of various types of investors – Debt schedule, short-term financing based on deficits, equity cash flows, senior lender schedule. Moreover, a clear presentation of investor ROI is also covered.
7. Projected financial statements based on percentage of completion method.
8. One-pager summary for both quarterly and annual numbers.
It can be used as a template by any real estate investment professional to analyse acquisitions in terms of arriving at purchase price and IRR. It covers all the relevant concepts used in real estate sector sector.

This Best Practice includes
1. Key Info, 2. Dashboard, 3. Input Cashflows, 4. Financial Statements, 5. Summary

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Real Estate Financial Modelling for Residential and Commercial sector

Projections, Cashflows, Phasing, Dashboard, Valuations, Investor Cashflows, etc.

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