HACCP Principles for Food Quality Management
Originally published: 29/05/2020 08:11
Publication number: ELQ-28246-1
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HACCP Principles for Food Quality Management

Haccp principles run through

This is what a company will need to consider and establish within its quality department to establish HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point).

HACCP is mandatory for any food business that aims to establish HACCP principles for its operations in hope of achieving regulatory or accreditor compliance.

The file describes the 7 principles of HACCP and details the steps needed for each one of the steps to be undertaken. This was part of the principles we used in a Tea manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia that has achieved regulatory compliance to SFDA and ISO Accreditation.

HACCP is extremely important in F&B, FMCG and general food management because of how food safety has a huge impact on human health. However, the methodology is based on the overall risk assessment framework and adapted for food management.

An important factor to consider is to have upper management support, because such programs will require commitment of everyone involved and this can be achieved with this level of support.

Another important factor is the organization skills, structure, technology level and human resource practices. These are all levers that can push a HACCP program forward or backward as organisations try to establish themselves

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