RLCPlan Cash
Originally published: 03/09/2020 07:15
Publication number: ELQ-91184-1
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RLCPlan Cash

RLCPlan Cash is an easy to use spreadsheet template to forecast and manage your company’s cash flow.

Welcome to RLCPlan Cash!

The RLCPlan Cash helps businesses forecast and manage their cashflow, leading to better peace of mind and higher profits. You can plan up to 5 bank accounts and up to 60 periods (days or weeks). The template allows you to convert or translate up to 10 different currencies to your reporting currency.

Use RLCPlan Cash to forecast different cash inflows and outflows separately - like Sales, Accounts Receivable collections, Payroll, Vendor Payments and Accounts Payable, Expense Reports, etc.

Although this tool's primary use is to help you manage cash, it can also be used as a reporting tool for your banks, lenders, Boards of Directors, Business Partners and Owners to demonstrate your cash needs over the forecast period.

You can link RLCPlan Cash to other spreadsheets, like your budget or actual reporting from your accounting software, and you can download transactions from your bank to help estimate your recurring cash flows in the future.

The spreadsheet has no VBA or macros, to eliminate file safety concerns.

Feel free to contact me on my channel here: https://www.eloquens.com/channel/ryan-luke if you have any questions on the template, or if you would like me to build a more customized tool for your specific needs.

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