Excel Training
Originally published: 06/04/2020 07:38
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Excel Training

Spreadsheet with excel exercises

Spreadsheet with multiple excel exercises, covering various topics. The file can be used to test your knowledge, refresh usage of different excel formulas or can be used to facilitate internal and external excel training.

The spreadsheet covers the following topics:

• Keyboard navigation and shortcuts - list of the most useful shortcuts.
• Absolute References - different anchoring methodologies.
• Basic Formulas - for sum to max and min.
• Conditions - with and without if statement.
• Powers
• Sumproduct - weighted average concept.
• Vlookup vs Index + Match - which one is better?
• Data cleansing and connections - using left and right formulas to clean the data.
• Pivot Tables
• Graphs - dynamic graphs as an option.
• Conditional Formatting - ways to improve your report.
• Data Validation - controlling other users inputs.
• Goal Seek - fast iterative process.

Excel training improves your efficiency in using the tool. And the key factor can be start using the keyboard shortcuts instead of mouth. Concentrating on that will help your fingers muscle memory to improve your speed in the future.

Facilitation of the training is a good chance for collaboration with your colleagues. The attached file can be a starting point depending on the needs of your company/team.

If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment or contact by sending the private message.

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