Investment Goals Tracking
Originally published: 26/04/2021 07:48
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Investment Goals Tracking

Investment Tracker in Microsoft Excel, for expenditure goals, investments etc.

We create our Yearly Goals but forgets to track them or doesn't have a simple and customizable tool. In this template, you can track your goals and plan for the year.

Simply, you need to know your yearly goals and your current investments.

Additionally, this template provides you the benefit that if you can't reach to your investment goals in a particular month that gets added to next remaining month's of the year and basis that a new monthly goal is developed to reach your yearly goals.

Even you can plan for the future that is how you are going to invest i.e. Stocks, fixed deposits, etc. and how much you are going to invest in each month so you don't have to think each month and just transfer the amount from the planning table to actual ones and see your goals getting nearer every month.

If you want to go even deep dive than this, than you have an option to insert your monthly expected income/revenues and compare that with actuals and in continuation to that you can track the expenditure in the major categories i.e. investment, groceries, entertainment, others which you find it useful.

So you have overall a simple and effective sheet to track everything you need to achieve your goals. Download and Grow!

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Tracking Investment Goals

Any individual who wants to track and plan the investment side

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