Organisation Change Readiness & Change Capability (Don't assume-Measure!)
Originally published: 15/03/2021 16:25
Publication number: ELQ-17231-1
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Organisation Change Readiness & Change Capability (Don't assume-Measure!)

Change Capability (Agility) is equally as important as Change Management

Existing Models of change are not sophisticated to guide today's Organisations throught their Transformations, Changes & Improvements. The environments' they exist in are much more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA). 70%+ of change initiatives fail. ODTI research identified these causes, and brought together systems theory, psychology, and learning theory which led to the development of Dynamic Systems Maturity Theory, which is operationalised through a Capability Maturity Framework. Next generation Transformation & Change Management guides Organisations to building sustainable Change Capability (Agility). This paper introduces the key concepts.
"Capability is defined as the ability to mobilise resources to achieve an aim or objective" & "Capability Maturity is a means to measure, quantify and improve that ability". The level of an Organisations Capability Maturity determines how well it functions and performs on a scientific normative Maturity Scale. The sophistication of Organisations and Teams today's means that simple Models of change just wont work. This coupled with the main cause of change failure ' Change action taken which is beyond the capactity and ability of the organisation to absorb, leading to lack of sustainable traction' mean that more advanced models of change are required and greater emphasis on the whole system Agility (Change Capability), this can only be achieved successfully by understanding existing Capability Maturity & Building through the Development Phases to the higher target levels (Level 5 Comeptitive, 6 Advantage & 7 Leadership) where Agility exists.

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