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Competitive Strategy: How to Create a Long Term Sustainable Competitive Advantage

An explanation of competitive strategy and how you can build a long-term competitive advantage.

This video is primarily for 'for-profit' businesses that operate in a competitive environment, bu also applies to non-for-profits and mission based organisations that operate in a competitive space for example, if you're looking for funding or differentiation or partnership support, then you do want to take this analysis and do an internal analysis that will effectively build on your SWOT.

As an important part of the strategic planning process, you should outline your core competencies as well as your competitive advantages, This is essentially things you are good at versus things you do better than everybody else.

The acronym VIRO is used in this video to outline how you can create a sustainable competitive advantage to be worked in as an essential part of your business strategy.

Length: 7 minutes 24 seconds

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