Future Discovery Framework
Originally published: 15/04/2020 13:36
Publication number: ELQ-51860-1
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Future Discovery Framework

Overview for using 'future discovery' techniques to solicit multiple “possible” futures - key to re-imagine strategy.

An overview of the 'future discovery' journey to uncovering multiple possible futures. This is imperative for re-imagining future focused strategy under the rapid change demands of disruption and uncertainty.
A mental map of a journey is vital to reaching selected or key milestones and your final destination. This is no different when imagining a new or different future for your business. The milestones and journey for the re-imagined future include key concepts like possible, plausible, probable and preferable futures?
The Business Discovery Framework is an outline of key activities and processes to consider and use (preferably as a focused methodology) to sift through future options based on pertinent information about trends, scenarios and other future analysis techniques. Once these new options, seen as possibilities and plausible futures have been agreed as such, it is then a final requirement to solicit probable and then preferred futures to use as the basic information or content to revise and re-imagine business strategy. This process can be undertaken in-house provided resources are allocated on a full time basis with the specific task of using a rich source of external, internal and research data. The best outcomes are using a professional body (futurist or known expert group) to guide the analytical processes selected for the methodology and most importantly to help arrive at narratives about the future that you can use in day to day operations to move productively towards a future (with more than one new option) that you as a business, along with stakeholders, have collaboratively set as desirable and sustainable.

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To establish Future Discovery and related Future speculation methodologies as a core process and attribute for executives/planners/strategists involved in the strategy review process. Striving to establish creative, innovative and productive visions of the future is imperative under the threat of disruption, complexity and the 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) agenda. This is about getting beyond the near horizons of products and services and integrated versions of the 'physical amplification' world on linear growth projections and striving for Horizon 3 and "preferred sustainable" strategies that drive growth from all stakeholder perspectives (broad base of diverse agendas) with exponential potential.

Businesses experiencing or recognizing growth constraints and business being disrupted. Strategy planners and executive wondering what they should be doing today to make a new and sustainable future emerge. Executive and consultants wanting more control under conditions of an uncertain future that is emerging unequally but rapidly. Strategists and executives not being aware of or having access to a discipline or methodology (roadmap) that will result in a 'productive speculation' process that funnels from 'possible' futures, through 'plausible' and 'probable' futures to 'preferred' futures for your business within your context.

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