Budget Template for Internet Service Provider
Originally published: 08/10/2020 06:42
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Budget Template for Internet Service Provider

The template is a statement of estimated income and expenses based on future plans and objectives for Telecom Service

The template is a statement of estimated income and expenses based on future plans and objectives. In other words, it is a document that management makes to estimate the revenue and expenses for 1 year based on their goals for the business

It is is a planning tool that helps management in its attempts to cope with the uncertainty of the future, relying mainly on data from the past and present and analysis of trends for one year

This model is very simple to use by simply recording your revenue, cost of goods and expenses under different categories in the green cells
The model follows best practice financial modelling principles and includes instructions and explanation
The template is fully-editable / customizable model
So a quick overview of the model, in the contents sheet you can see the structure of the model and by clicking on any of the headlines will automatically redirected to the relevant sheet
Key inputs in the green tabs

Update the general info the orange tab
All cells in green are input cells
The green cells are in the green tabs
You will get the outcome in the dark blue tabs
You can read the instruction in the light blue tab

Key outcome in the dark blue tabs

The inputs in the green cells will dynamically flow into the following below:
-Profit and loss statement by month including 3 major component, gross profit, EBITDA and net profit
-Balance sheet including total assets, total liability and owners’ equity
-Cash flow with 3 outputs such as operating cash flow, investing cash flow and financing cash flow
-Ratios with 3 main components, such as solvency ratio, liquidity ratio and profitability ratio
-Profit and loss, Balance sheet and Cash flow comparison vs previous year
-Valuation and analysis with 10 years projection
-Dashboard summary.

This is a highly versatile, very sophisticated financial model template, and is also user-friendly.
If you have any inquiries, modification request or other requests of assistance to customize the model template for your business case please contact us here: https://www.eloquens.com/channel/ecorporatefinance

This Best Practice includes
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