Financial Projection Three Statements Model - IB & PE Standards
Originally published: 13/04/2020 07:28
Publication number: ELQ-62476-1
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Financial Projection Three Statements Model - IB & PE Standards

Three Statements Financial Model - IB & PE Standards in Microsoft Excel.

Easy-to-use and update Excel model designed for the preparation of a 3 statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement) financial projection for an existing business. This model was built using best practices financial modelling learned in investment banking and private equity. It includes step-by-step instructions, alternative scenarios, operational outputs, checks and accurate modelling input formats.

- Cover page: Legend, financial model architecture and introduction
- Instructions Page: Step-by-Step guide with a visual reference to the model architecture
- Dashboard: Key business summary of P&L, CF, balance sheet and automatic pre-formatted graphs
- Financials: Three statements forecast using best modelling practices
- Working Capital Schedule: Breakdown of key working capital items and forecast using two scenarios
- Capital Expenditures Schedule: Breakdown of CapEx by key fiscal categories with depreciation & amortization schedules
- Cash & Debt Schedules: Term loan and revolver schedules based on flexible debt pricing structures. Cash waterfall calculation to determine required equity injections and dividend payout.
- Actuals Financials: Centralized easy-to-update sheet for historical financials

The model is based on a logical structure aimed for simplicity and easily shareable with third parties.

If you require any modifications to the tool, I will be happy to assist with this. Please send me a message through the Eloquens site. I will regularly post updates as necessary.

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

Provide users with an effective tool to forecast the three statements of a simple company. This model uses the example of a fast-food restaurant and may be adapted to any industrial, manufacturing and consumer company

Business operating on a going-concern and evolving in the Industrial, manufacturing and consumer sectors

Business in financial distress; holding company; business operating in specialized sectors (i.e. mining, oil & gas, utilities)

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